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Complaint Policy

Lemanik Asset Management S.A. (the “Management Company”) is subject to the supervision of the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (“CSSF”). The Management Company has adopted a Complaint Handling policy for managing investor complaints in an effective manner.

Investors may file complaints free of charge in the official language or one of the official languages of their Member State.

Any complaint shall be sent to the attention of the Complaint Handling Officer of the Management Company at:

Lemanik Asset Management S.A.
106 route d’Arlon
L-8210 Mamer
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Email: complaintshandling@lemanik.lu

The following steps will be taken by the Complaint Handling Officer upon receipt of an investor’s complaint:

– An acknowledgment letter will be sent to the investor within ten business days after receipt of the complaint where the complaint cannot be closed within these ten business days.
– The investor will be informed of the name of the person handling the complaint.
– An answer will be provided to the investor without undue delay. It must be handled within a period which will not exceed one month between the date of receipt of the complaint and the date at which the answer is sent. When an answer cannot be provided by the Complaint Handling Officer within this period, the Complaint Handling Officer informs the investor of the causes of delay and indicate a timeframe for resolution.

The Management Company informs the investors of the existence of the out-of-court dispute settlement procedure with the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (the “CSSF”).

This out-of-court resolution applies where the complainant did not receive a response or satisfactory response within one month of a complaint being submitted to the Management Company. In this case, the complainant can refer to the CSSF by the following means:

– Either by filling in the form (PDF or online) available at the following address: http://www.cssf.lu/en/consumer/complaints/
– Or by e-mail at direction@cssf.lu
– or by mail (simple mailing, no registered letter required) to the following address: CSSF, 283 route d’Arlon, L-2991 Luxembourg;
– or by fax sent at the following number: (352) 26 25 12601;
– or by e-mail at the following address: reclamation@cssf.lu

GDPR Request

If you wish to send a GDPR request, please send a email to thirdpartyfunds@lemanik.lu. Please ensure that you indicate “GDPR Request” as the subject of your email and the appropriate subcategory of Deletion, Retrieval, or Rectification to indicate the specific GDPR rights you would like to exercise. Please provide the following information with your request (this part is important for us to be able to help you as quickly and accurately as possible):

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Street
  • Number
  • Zip Code
  • City
  • Country
  • E-mail
  • Fund Name
  • Telephone

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Lemanik connect

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We are looking for a Senior Fund Risk Officer to join the AIFs Team.
Your mission will consist in being in charge of managing the Risk Management framework of several AIFs clients.

Your role

  • Assist the AIFs team in the implementation of the Risk Management Framework
  • Production of periodical reports
  • Perform risk assessment for existing and new AIFs, determination of risk profile, risk limits (market, credit, liquidity, counterparty, operational) at fund and investments level
  • Monitor the AIFs in DOMOS (AIFs control and reporting tool) and ensure data accuracy
  • Support the Head of Risk in various Risk Management topics
  • Review the existing risk framework (regulatory and internal requirements) in close cooperation with other departments
  • Monitor the liquidity of AIFs and perform stress tests
  • Provide regular updates to the Head of Risk and the governing body
  • Ensure that the general investment policy, the investment strategies and the risk limits of each AIF are properly implemented and complied with 

Skills required

  • Master’s degree in Engineering, Finance, Mathematics or related fields.
  • Have minimum 2 years of relevant risk senior position in the illiquid strategies
  • Have good knowledge and understanding of the Luxembourg fund industry and AIFM regulations
  • Have strong knowledge on various strategies (Real Estate, Private Equity, Private Debt…)
  • Ability to work autonomously and demonstrate initiative
  • Fluent in English any other language will be an asset


+39 380 234 1234