• Italian Btps, February foreign portfolio falls to 645.537 billion euros


    In February, the value of the Italian government securities portfolio held by foreign entities fell to 645.537 billion from 650.271 billion in January. The Bank of Italy said.

  • European ETFs, bond funds are running for the fifth month in a row


    The European ETFs, in April, recorded net inflows of 3.7 billion euros, a figure lower than the 5.2 billion euros of March. The outflows from the stock markets continued (from -1.7 billion euros in the previous month to -2.2 billion euros) due to the massive disinvestments from developed market shares (-3.4 billion euros). Once again, the outflows mainly affected Europe.

  • Debt down in March


    Debt down in March. In the Bank of Italy's bulletin it emerges that the general government debt has decreased by 4.4 billion compared to February, amounting to 2,358.8 billion.

  • Istat, GDP: possible improvement


    The leading indicator showed a less marked decline than in previous months, suggesting a possible improvement in production rates. This was written by ISTAT in the monthly note on the performance of the Italian economy for the month of April.

  • The ETF industry grows and continues to change


    Assets under management in Europe reached 760 billion euros at the end of the first quarter of 2019. Physical replicants represent the majority, but synthetic ones reappear. The market remains concentrated, but the costs are falling.

  • US-China: Trump raises duties


    US duties on two hundred billion dollars of goods imported from China rise from 10 to 25 percent. President Donald Trump announces it via Twitter. The rise puts an end to the truce reached in December between China and the US.

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