• FMI cuts Italy's growth estimates


    In 2018 the Italian economy will grow only by 1.2% with a further slowdown to + 1.0% next year. These are the new estimates provided by the International Monetary Fund.

  • Etf, the collection slows down


    Positive net flows of $ 233 billion, but one-third less than the same period of 2017. This is the trend of the ETF market in the first half of 2018, according to data reported by FTfm.

  • Istat: new braking signals, GDP at contained rates


    The 'spy' indicator on economic performance shows a new deceleration, consolidating a scenario of containing the pace of growth, Istat said in the last monthly note.

  • Trump pulls straight, another 200 billion tariffs to China


    The White House has declared that it will evaluate 10% of the tariffs on an additional $ 200 billion of Chinese assets, in addition to the 34 billion applied at a rate of 25%, leading the march on the tariff war with Beijing.

  • Bonds lose ground, now Italians prefer managed savings


    A survey on the savings and financial choices of Italian people explains that 21.4 percent of respondents chose managed savings against 19.1 percent who opted for bonds, which until today were the more purchased financial activity.

  • Usa, 34 billion tariffs on imports from China have started


    The commercial war between the US and China has officially begun, with the operation of duties at 25% on the import of 818 goods. These are measures are the first tranche of a preliminary action of 50 billion.

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