Company Background

Lemanik, founded in Geneva in 1971, provides dedicated financial solutions to both private and institutional investors. Today, the Group operates in Switzerland and Luxembourg and is active in the asset management and wealth management businesses.
Lemanik has always been an independent business, which was ran by a stable group of partners, which allowed the firm to keep decision-making autonomy and to guarantee an unconditional offering, which puts clients' interests first.
Lemanik works with various institutional and private investors in over 20 countries around the globe. The accurate and tailor-made service offered, is coupled with the ability to innovate and generate value by focusing on distinctive skills and thus, creating sustainable relationships with our clients.

    The Lemanik Group comprises two different companies:

  • Lemanik Invest S.A., based in Lugano, is a Switzerland company regulated by the Swiss regulatory authority FINMA;

  • Lemanik Asset Management S.A., a Management Company for third-party investment funds, incorporated under Luxembourg law with its registered office in Luxembourg and branches in Italy and Ireland, regulated by the Luxembourg regulatory authority CSSF.